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Fri., May 10, 2013, midnight

NRA gains member

I don’t hunt. I don’t care what men who boast about their one-shot killing prowess think. I train in the subject of self-defense to protect myself and family. I possess a good understanding of American history. Presumption of innocence is still a cornerstone of American jurisprudence.

Have criminals obeyed any of the 20,000-plus gun laws passed since 1968? Why is the outrage that should be directed at the bad guys being aimed at the good guys?

Why is my semi-automatic rifle called an “assault weapon” but the same rifle in the select-fire (machine gun) version used by police called a “personal defense weapon” or PDW? Why call for expanded background checks when it is already a felony for a prohibited person to even attempt to obtain a firearm? Why do we not prosecute them? How is further infringing on my rights effective? I take seriously the commensurate responsibilities that go with my rights.

Thanks to these humorous letters based upon ridiculously flawed premises, I will now join the National Rifle Association. I vote, and will continue to let cowardly politicians know that we will remove them from their cushy jobs when they don’t uphold the U.S. Constitution.

Melanie Smith


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