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Sat., May 11, 2013

Casinos not worth it

The Spokane Tribe’s proposed new casino will not bring in any new revenue unless tourists come to this region just to lose their money there. The casino will not create any new wealth; it will merely move money already being spent in Spokane at theaters, restaurants, night clubs and local casinos. This money is currently being taxed, and this revenue allows Spokane to pay for the costs of fire protection, and all the other vital services, necessary to keep our city running.

A recent article in The Spokesman-Review claimed this casino is needed to combat the 50 percent unemployment on the reservation. Currently, all tribal casinos have a Native American-friendly hiring practice, that gives preference to any Native American tribe member and any relative of a tribe member. So these tribal members could already have casino jobs, if they had bothered to apply.

If the Spokane Tribe wants to build something to lower unemployment on the reservation, why not a theme park, sports complex for kids or something that actually benefits our society instead of another pointless hole for people to throw away their money. We already have one of those.

E. C. Guise


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