May 11, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

FAA’s bait and switch?


The Federal Aviation Administration moved allocated money from the Airport and Airway Trust Fund to stop furloughs of its 47,000 employees. No general tax revenue nor funds from any social welfare programs were used to end the flight delays. Isn’t that nice. However, the public at large has been misled and not fully, clearly informed on this issue.

The FAA has not saved our Felts Field nor any other contract tower from closure. The recent legislation does not specifically cover the closures, but it does state that up to $253 million can be used “to prevent reduced operations and staffing.” “Can” is the operative word. The FAA can use that money to buy pencils if it wishes. The legislation does not require the agency to use those funds for contract towers, and June 15 is fast approaching.

Don’t let the FAA get away with their bait and switch because our local economy and a lot of jobs are on the line. Yes, the lawsuits are still in the works, but they shouldn’t be necessary. It’s up to us to contact our elected officials and make sure they support the “Protect Our Skies Act” to keep our towers open and operational.

Vicki Deschaine


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