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Sun., May 12, 2013, midnight

Bloomsday protest inappropriate

I’m a proud and stalwart conservative who probably shares the general basic view of the activists who “greeted” the thousands of Bloomsday runners on the hillside just ahead of Mile 2 last Sunday. And, I am also among the doubtless, near-unanimous majority of those runners (conservative and liberal) who found it beyond inappropriate for the persons on that hill to be displaying a large banner showing the decimated head of an aborted human fetus. Wrong place. Wrong occasion.

This misfired shock-message stunt in front of all those participants at Sunday’s family event likely didn’t generate much in the way of gains in support for these messengers’ desired message. Rather, the result was a far greater feeling of negative opinions against the messengers themselves, with carry-over stereotyping effects against pro-lifers in general who weren’t even up on that hill, or even participating in Bloomsday.

To prevent this from happening again, I’d like to strongly request to the Spokane City Council and to the Spokane County Board of Commissioners that actions be taken immediately to prohibit the public outdoor display within city and county limits of photos of dead human bodies.

David Goehner

Yakima, Wash.

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