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Bowman a real gem

Regarding Greg Lee’s article on Ralph Bowman (May 2). I have known Bowman all of my life. He kept statistics for not only the varsity sports at Pullman High School but also the JV and freshman teams.

I remember him coming to my home on Sunday evenings with the red statistics book and presenting the game results to my dad, who coached basketball and football with Ray Hobbs from 1958-1982. Ralph’s handwriting and calculations of rebounds, free throws, fouls, yardage, passes and penalties were all there after the name of each athlete. He kept track of it all and then spent all day on Saturday and Sunday getting the stats ready for presentation and then driving to the respective coaches’ home.

He’s a quiet and understated man who has dedicated himself to watching every play and recording it all without video or replays, but with pen and pencil.

You are amazing, Ralph.

Deborah (Rendish) Markin