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Sun., May 12, 2013, midnight

Fairchild event overshadowed

I was disappointed to see Bloomsday coverage trump Fairchild Air Force Base’s fallen heroes Monday. Bloomsday is a wonderful iconic Spokane event many of us enjoy, but I’m reminded our service members are the reason we can enjoy running, walking, or even protesting along that route in the first place.

Lives were lost in defense of the freedoms we so easily take for granted. Lives that were full and courageous, lived in selfless service. These were mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, beloved sons and daughters. They represent Fairchild’s finest and have left a tight-knit military community reeling.

Will Fairchild get through this? Of course. Our military is nothing if not strong and resilient. But what an affirming feeling to lace up their boots each morning in full knowledge that their community stands behind them, and if not in agreement, at least in support of their choice to defend our flag.

I encourage all to come out and show support for our fallen heroes, for all the military members who put the uniform on each day, and for the families that stand behind them.

After all, these are the heroes allowing us the freedom to run whatever race is set before us.

Keirsten Hess


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