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Sun., May 12, 2013

Go all out, Otter

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter’s overtures to firearm and ammunition manufacturers are but the logical tip of the iceberg. If he is truly serious about jazzing his state’s economy, the next step is obvious: make the state more doomsday preparation-friendly.

Idaho’s celebrated history of residents who believe it’s the venue of choice to weather impending thermonuclear war, collapse of the federal government, failure of public education, implosion of our economy and other equally dire Armageddons of diverse ilks has resulted in its unsavory image as a safe haven for those with one oar in the water.

But it continues to draw more of the faithful. These folks require ready-mixed concrete, rebar and bulletproof glass aplenty for their bunkers. Exotic weaponry, ammo and night-vision goggles for hunting, self-defense and family nights out. Security cameras and high explosives for entertainment and peace of mind. Quad-runners with run-flats. Mil-spec electrical energy systems.

The leader of a state with the infrastructure to meet these pressing needs can write his own political check. The eyes of the Northwest will determine whether or not Gov. Butch truly has the right stuff.

David Fietz

Springdale, Wash.

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