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It’s not the Duck way

Regarding the article, “Things looking up under Moos” by Christian Caple (May 7), I think there’s one element missing.

 What built Moos’ reputation is the success he had at Oregon. But there is a key difference in the story of the improved facilities in Eugene vs. how it’s happening at WSU.

 At Oregon, the Ducks first won and then they built stuff. At WSU, they are building stuff and then they’re going to win.

 In other words, Oregon earned it. It achieved its football success (and newfound funding) through Rich Brooks’ Rose Bowl run and the continued winning under his assistant, Mike Bellotti.

 I think it’s relevant to keep this in mind. As soulless as the Ducks’ program is, it’s undeniable that they earned their way there. WSU is trying to do it the other way around.

Garth Meyer