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Sun., May 12, 2013, midnight

Scrutinize immigration bill

You know, what’s the point of holding a congressional committee hearing if no one’s going to bother to read the proposed legislation beforehand? That’s exactly what happened at the April 22 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the immigration bill.

Things in D.C. have gotten so out of control that it’s now normal for dense legislation to get zero scrutiny. Anyone remember that with Obamacare, members of Congress voted and later admitted that they didn’t even read the contents of the bill? Hello? With Pelosi telling us that we need to vote for legislation before we know what’s in it? Incredible.

This proposed amnesty legislation will affect every aspect of American life, including our national security, our welfare programs, taxes, spending and our health care system. The stakes are critical, and we should be given enough time to learn about what is in this 840-page bill.

We need to remind Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell that (surprise) government works for us, and we demand an open and transparent process for this immigration bill.

This is one we need to get right, not rushed.

Gerd Scheller


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