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The Slice: Sharing the flavor of El Paso

Sun., May 12, 2013, midnight

Back in another century, I worked at an evening newspaper in El Paso where it was decided that a biker gang member’s use of “mother” during trial testimony would be spelled “mutha” to capture the flavor of the quote.

But in the first edition, it came out “mutah.”

So Happy Mutah’s Day to one and all.

Best present for Mother’s Day: Mothers told of babies born on Mother’s Day, children who came home for Mother’s Day and a variety of gifts and gestures.

But the present Carol Woodward remembers is the time her husband, Jim, informed their two children, then ages 6 and 9, that they were to leave their mom alone on that Sunday.

His instructions (as Woodward recalls them): “If you are hungry, come to me. If you want to whine about each other, come to me. If one of you is trying to kill the other, come to me. Whatever you want, need, don’t need or want to bellyache about – come to me.”

Best in-laws: “If I had known my first mother-in-law before I met her son, I probably would not have married him,” wrote Lindell Haggin. “So after my first failed attempt at wedded bliss, I decided to approach things differently. For my second attempt I picked out the in-laws first.

“Morey and Margaret Haggin were like my home away from home from the first time I met them. They visited me in the hospital when my son was born. In addition to showing their love, they showed me how to care for your community as well as your family. Their son turned out to be a gem as well.”

Slice answer: “The loudest laugh in Whitman County belongs to Claudia Wohlfeil of Pullman,” wrote Dave Hutton. “With that laugh, she spreads joy wherever she goes.”

And as she works at the University of Idaho, Wohlfeil’s good cheer crosses the state line.

Warm-up question: We all know what farmer tans look like. But what would be the distinctive features of a tan named after your occupation?

Today’s Slice question (for those who have given birth to a baby): Yes, the variables in real life are numerous. But what do movie and TV scenes depicting childbirth often get wrong?

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