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Mon., May 13, 2013, midnight

Schools too posh

For years now, American citizens have seen our friends, families and neighbors lose their jobs, as well as their homes. We’ve watched as government continues to spend money it does not have by increasing our taxes even more.

Why is Jefferson Elementary costing taxpayers $24.8 million? $24.8 million! What happened to the “Little Red School House?” My family can’t afford to build a custom home. We can afford a less expensive home and make it our own by choosing one of three or four designs as well as interior color schemes, etc.

Why are the taxpayers (everywhere) not demanding this excessive spending for building new schools to stop? Each district can choose from three or four designs, to include interior color schemes, etc. Go to any Costco, major department store or franchise in the United States, and what do you notice? They all have the same floor plan and color schemes because it is less expensive to build.

Capitalism is fine, but we all have to tighten our belts. Just because it is a state, local or federal government contract does not mean we have carte blanche.

Genevieve Jirousek


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