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The Slice: First-born child defines day mom will never forget

The day after Mother’s Day has been special to Cassandra L. Pfaffle-Dick ever since her first-born child arrived on that Monday back in 1987.

She had gone into labor on that Sunday, but her son did not show up until the next day. Still, she regards his arrival as her best-ever Mother’s Day gift.

“Because that is what Mother’s Day is all about.”

Nicest person around here: Steve Telecky said it’s Kathy Hedgcock of Davenport. “She is one of those rare people who can always brighten your day,” he said.

Best in-laws: “I would have nominated my in-laws: Myron and Donna Wells, but Donelle’s parents haven’t lived in Spokane since 1992,” wrote Tadashi Osborne. “I dare say, though, that in the 14 years they lived in Spokane, they impacted thousands of lives in great and small ways, all for the better.

“They are gracious and humble, hard working, yet value family and God over money. They are giving and caring and their 50 years of marriage are an inspiration to Donelle and I. For me, they’re the living definition of hospitality and love. Many local people still love and admire Myron and Donna Wells (myself included!), but I have the honor of having them as in-laws.”

Best not-in-laws: “Not being married, but having a special relationship with your partner’s parents, creates a special dilemma,” wrote Heather Robinson of Cheney. “I know some in my situation who just call them their in-laws, but I don’t want to misrepresent myself, so I call them my not-in-laws. I can’t patent it, but many people seem to appreciate it.

“So, for the Not-In-Law category, I’d like to nominate Dixie and David Carson of Post Falls. David is our 1-800 number for all things needing fixing, improving, solving, or hauling. And Dixie can cheer me out of the darkest of moods. She and I go to Jazzercise in CdA twice a week, and when we’re together, we giggle like teenagers and laugh a lot. I feel very loved and quite fortunate to be accepted into their lives. Oh, and their son, Shane, is pretty cool, too.”

Today’s Slice question: Have you noticed that some people, not wishing to be clichéd perhaps, make a point of referring to the lake where they hang out by name?

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