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Tue., May 14, 2013

Focus outrage on the crime

In reading and watching the ongoing coverage of the kidnapping and imprisonment of three women in Cleveland, it seems almost a given that so much is being reported about issues surrounding the act and the man who perpetrated this horror. I have read outraged comments and heard endless commentary of the failure of the police, as yet unconfirmed; the stupidity of neighbors, that they should have suspected something; and even of the families of the victims themselves, that they should have somehow been able to prevent this.

Granted, it is early yet and they report what there is to report, but this ongoing focus on these side issues really seems almost to cover the very real outrage that this man felt he was entitled to ruin three women’s lives (so far?) for his personal sexual wants. Hopefully, this most recent episode will at least awaken people to the ongoing issues of violence against women.

We need to challenge this culture, any culture, that glorifies violence in its entertainment, and encourage young men and women to not tolerate abusive relationships in their personal lives so these women’s horror story made real becomes as unlikely as it is obscene.

Jennifer Adams


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