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Vote, don’t be afraid

Those of you who are more afraid of lost business opportunities and support than human survival do not have very good leadership qualities. Let us vote on those propositions that we have initiated.

Kathleen Russell


I recently completed Bloomsday 2013. It was a beautiful day for the run, but it was spoiled by vile pictures put up by anti-abortion protesters. These pictures showed late-term abortions, which were absolutely disgusting and unnecessary.

Whether or not you support abortion, these pictures are truly unfit and too graphic for anyone trying to enjoy the great Bloomsday run. Not to also mention the many very young children, including my own brother, who did not understand these pictures and were traumatized by the images shown. You do have the freedom of opinion, but these protesters crossed a line.

I sincerely applaud the people who booed them for showing the horrific images. I also hope they are stopped from returning the following Bloomsday for my sake and the sake of other Bloomsday finishers.

Jordan Gravatt



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