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Signs of embarrassment

The Bloomsday “pro-life” rally was truly an embarrassment to Spokane on a day where thousands of out-of-town guests and local families should have been enjoying the race, not being ambushed on the course by hostile protesters with graphic signs.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and to peaceably assemble in support of those opinions. In this case, however, the protesters crossed a line by using profane and inflammatory speech at an inappropriate venue. Hopefully, they understand the damage they’ve done to their own cause by portraying themselves in this manner.

It’s also unfortunate that they aren’t supportive of Planned Parenthood, the organization in Spokane that actually does the most to reduce the number of abortions through reducing unintended pregnancies. If these protesters were truly interested in making this community healthier, they would work with Planned Parenthood to increase access to education and contraception.

Graphic signs and yelling serve only to intimidate and bully women and do not contribute to an intelligent conversation about health care, abortion or women’s rights.

Adriana Diaz



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