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The Slice: Definitely a finalist for ‘nicest’

Thu., May 16, 2013

As nice as they come.
As nice as they come.

A lot of those who know her say Linda Patterson, secretary at Davenport High School, is the nicest person around here.

Here are snippets from just a few of the testimonials submitted by dozens of students, teachers, friends and others.

“Recently at her husband’s memorial service, she stood at the door of the gym and greeted (with a hug) every person who walked into the service, thanking them for attending and making them feel welcome. Linda is one of the best people I have been blessed to know.”

“Her presence is the heart of our school.”

“She does everything for everybody.”

“Mrs. Patterson is always willing to help others in the way that they need it.”

“I am so lucky to have her in my life.”

“She is always there for me.”

“She cares more about everyone else than herself.”

“There’s no possible way to thank her enough.”

“She is my rock.”

“I will always love Mrs. Patterson.”

“She always wears the coolest earrings.”

“She accepts everyone for who they are.”

“She makes our school better than the rest.”

“Every day is made better when I see her caring face.”

“What a kind and generous person she is.”

“She makes sure that everyone feels loved.”

“Mrs. Patterson made it easy for me when I first started here at DHS.”

“My family didn’t have a lot of money one year and Mrs. Patterson helped me out with school supplies.”

“Mrs. Patterson offers unconditional love to each one of our students and staff.”

“Mrs. Patterson has been a second mom to everyone.”

“She does not judge others.”

“She always treats you with respect.”

“She takes the time to care.”

“She has always made me feel safe.”

“Not once have I seen her be mean.”

“She is the type of person that makes you stop and really appreciate everything in life.”

“Linda has the unique ability to connect with kids and with parents in a caring and real way – she is amazing.”

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