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Unions grounding Boeing

I read another article last week that slammed Boeing Co. on some recent layoffs; this after several others I had read that also sided with the unions against the company. What I can’t understand is how people can overlook the fact that Boeing is slowly moving its operations out of state, and the only reason they would do that is because of the unions.

I give it 20 years, and you will see zero Boeing presence in this state. Unfortunately, the unions and politicians only care about the vote or the buck they can gain today. Who cares about the future?

I wouldn’t mind seeing this paper do an expose on this subject, maybe in conjunction with one of the Seattle papers, to help educate people that not all unions are a good thing.

I’m already looking at retiring out of state since, with the reduction in taxes once this great company leaves, you can bet taxes will go up on everything else. Sad that farsighted vision has been replaced by shortsighted greed.

Paul Alsept



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