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Fri., May 17, 2013

Razzeto has expertise

Liese Razzeto is chairman of the finance committee of the board of trustees of Kootenai Medical Center. With the institution of the Affordable Care Act, the fiscal pressure on all hospitals is tremendous and increasing almost daily.

The level of expertise that Razzeto brings to your hospital by virtue of her position on its board is not only important but imperative. Razzeto’s expertise and background in banking makes her the ideal person to continue to fill this position. Her leadership, in conjunction with the leadership of the administration of the medical center, is a paramount reason for your hospital being one of the few in this region operating in the black. No one running for this position on the board of trustees brings this level of expertise, knowledge and experience to this crucial position.

It would be dreadful if someone running for this position with no experience, and only presenting as a candidate for ideological political reasons, were chosen to replace Liese Razzeto in this vital position.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a current member of the board of trustees of Kootenai Health.

Ernest Fokes

Hayden Lake

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