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Fri., May 17, 2013, midnight

Reject partisan candidates

Education should be the agenda of the people on our school district boards. Sadly, ideological partisanship has become a larger agenda. Interestingly, every candidate agrees that partisanship has no place, yet some candidates loudly proclaim their party affiliation on campaign materials and accept funding from and are active with a highly partisan organization: the Reagan Republicans. Those candidates – Ann Seddon, Brent Regan and Bjorn Handeen – say one thing, but their actions speak the opposite. This raises questions of ethics and integrity.

The Reagan Republicans’ influence has been felt in board decision-making. For example, discarding the International Baccalaureate program. These candidates say our children should be “job-ready,” knowing our children will enter a global economy. Nevertheless, a program preparing them for that was cut on ideological grounds, making our children less job-ready.

Turning our boards into partisan entities doesn’t serve our community or our children. Do we dislike our children so much that we’ll make our school boards as dysfunctional as Congress?

Support Christa Hazel, Tom Hearn and Dave Eubanks – people who are committed to serving the educational needs of our children and providing the highest-quality educational experiences. This approach best serves the school district, our community, and our children’s future.

Joe Jacoby

Coeur d’Alene

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