May 18, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Moses isn’t without sin


Haven’t we heard enough about this Peyton Place police force in Spokane? So the headlines say: “Officer Tim Moses admits he lied.” Now, as we used to say, they slapped his wrists with a wet noodle. While the courtroom was half filled with his family, they talked about what an honorable man he was (what else would they say?), what a good man he was and what an outstanding police officer he was.

Everyone in God’s green world knows if that’s me, the key has already been thrown away. You do the crime, you pay the cost. The honor of this man vanished when he lied.

You know Adam and Eve didn’t have to leave the garden because they sinned. They had to leave because they wouldn’t admit their sin.

Delvin Fueller

Post Falls

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