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Neighborhood disregarded

In response to “South Hill Target proposal moves forward” (April 25): More than anything else, the public process surrounding Dave Black’s proposed Target store on the South Hill has illustrated the lack of regard that many local developers and elected representatives show for the neighborhoods they serve.

Instead of following the spirit of the zoning guidelines and past developers’ agreements for the site (essentially, community-scaled, mixed-use like Kendall Yards or South Perry), local officials are allowing the development under basically the bare minimum requirements.

Black, meanwhile, insists that Target demands the compromises in his site plan. That’s fine and dandy, but in 2006, Walmart offered an urban-designed store with parking on the roof that was built up to the street. So we know that our community (and our retailers) can and will do better.

Well, then, why aren’t we?

Perhaps the answer lies with City Hall. I sent out 32 letters to David Condon, the City Council, the Design Review Board, and other planning officials addressing my concerns with the project and asking for a response. I received one email in reply and my letter was simply entered into the record at an April 24 meeting.

In other words, complacency, inaction and disregard. As per usual.

Anthony Gill



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