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Coffee buddies cherished

I agree with Rebecca Nappi when she talks (May 13) about aging men in groups remaining healthy, happy and living longer. My group meets most weekdays for coffee. I joined more than 10 years ago, after retiring, when I walked into the Rockwood Bakery.

That day I met a gentleman dressed in a Cowardly Lion costume collecting money for the Civic Theatre. I gave him $5. He set his tail aside, sat down and we got to know each other over coffee. Morning coffee became a ritual, and our group grew. We discuss current events, the economy, our kids and grandkids, and we relived our youth with tales from our school days and military service.

We grew up when most young men served in the armed forces. The Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard are represented. We would welcome a Marine. We have spent our lives with one wife, and we have been recognized in the recent novel “Hot Cross Buns,” by Spokane authors Judy Rogers and Sarah Porter.

Most are in our 70s, yet we head off after coffee to ski, sail, volunteer or whatever the day calls for. These men are my best friends, and I eagerly look forward each day to our morning meetings.

Bernard Korth



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