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Sun., May 19, 2013, midnight

Focus on joy of life

On May 5, I participated in Bloomsday with three of my good friends. We had a great time walking, talking and enjoying the beauty of Spokane until we ran into something quite disturbing. The horrifying images of a bloody face and tiny limbs jumped out at us unexpectedly.

I think the abortion protesters meant to bring tears to the eyes of the racers, and perhaps they did for some. But to my eyes, they only brought bewilderment and anger. Don’t get me wrong, I am against abortion for reasons important to me and my faith. However, the signs those protesters were holding were, in my opinion, incredibly inappropriate to show, especially on such a happy occasion to such a wide audience.

Those pictures will be burned into my mind for a long time, not to mention the thousands of children even younger than we 17-year-olds who witnessed the grotesque sight. Is that what they will remember of their possibly first Bloomsday?

My friends and I agree that pictures of cute, happy babies would be more effective in minimizing abortion rights. I, for one, would rather see the joy new life can bring us.

Haley Nogle


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