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Sun., May 19, 2013

Play was disturbing

I attended the theater at Eastern Washington University last night because my daughter was required to view the play, “Bat Boy: The Musical,” for her drama class. Although many of the voices were good, I was sad and concerned that the students or staff chose this play.

Firstly, it characterized a religious group continually in a negative way. This is how people used to portray the Jews, particularly in pre-Nazi Germany. I would like to think that we’ve learned that lesson. Perhaps it improved at the very end, I don’t know, as my daughter and I left near the end.

Secondly, there was a tremendous amount of sex portrayed on stage, both between animals and humans. How does this add to the merit of the play? Why continue to portray sex as merely fun and entertainment?

This leads to a further breakdown of our society, which means more suffering, fatherless children and strains on health care, welfare and schools/teachers.

Freedom of speech is precious, and I’m glad that everyone has it. Please use this gift with great thought.

Heather Roy-Ting


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