May 20, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Pay up for tire studs


May I give Wallace Foster (May 4 letter) and other studded tire users some lessons on democracy and studded tires, because the Legislature gave them a kiss on the wrist instead of a slap?

My wife has been driving Honda Civics for over 20 years on her 40-mile round trip to work without using studded tires. During that time, the Washington Department of Transportation admits to about $400 million of studded-tire damage to state highways. Because of an ever-decreasing number of studded tire users, it is not unreasonable to assume that about $250 million or more of that cost has to be picked up by non-studded-tire users.

My advice to Foster and other studded tire users would be to get hold of their legislator. Tell them you realize they don’t possess the backbone to adequately deal with this matter, and you’d like them, in the interest of real democracy, to find a way to make certain that those who cause the damage pay for the damage.

Biff Bowen


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