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The Slice: Colville cat knows when to run for its lives

Mon., May 20, 2013, midnight

Friends who live out in the country near Colville reported that there was a lightning strike near their home last Monday.

One result? They now know the family cat is capable of achieving warp speed while heading for cover.

Just wondering: How many local business ideas get squelched because of the implications of our area being so far from the nation’s population centers?

If there’s a “best” there must be a “worst”: Someone in the Inland Northwest has the dock that is closest to falling apart underfoot. If that might be you, feel free to email me a photo.

Slice reader Una Zeck wonders: “I would appreciate your insight regarding this apparent (and disturbing to me) evolution: When did ‘graduated from high school’ become ‘graduated high school’? Is this now officially correct? I have seen it in the Pretty-Good-Paper-Under-the-Circumstances more than once, so it may be so.”

Una, I think this is just one more indication that we are all going to hell in a hand basket.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Today’s Slice question: So there’s this woman I know and like who is a teacher. She is older than I am and she has been pursuing her vocation for a long time. The kids she teaches are really young, just beginning school.

She sincerely cares about helping her pupils get a good start in their scholastic experience. She would not still be doing her job after decades of teaching if she were not imbued with a desire to make a positive difference in young lives.

But I’m told not all the parents are fans. Some say she’s old-fashioned. They feel she has inadequately embraced the tenets of “child centered” learning.

You see, my friend believes children have to be able to sit down and shut up now and then and become accustomed to listening to adults if they are going to make academic progress.

I know which side I’m on. But let me ask you.

Have you ever had a child in a class taught by a teacher you admired who was, nonetheless, the target of criticism from other parents? How did you express your support for that teacher?

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