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Tue., May 21, 2013

Stopping crime in West Central

On May 6, a man was shot in West Central. The police response was swift and substantial; streets were barricaded by police cruisers, and officers warned neighborhood residents to stay in their homes while the suspect of the shooting was implored to surrender. This is all for our safety, and residents of West Central are grateful for such measures.

While an emergency response is certainly warranted in a situation of possible volatility, this occurrence also serves to highlight the need for the affirmation of community strengths in West Central. Certainly, the thousands of dollars in government funds that an emergency response to such a threat entails are well-spent. But those dollars spent on prevention rather than response could also go far in furthering the good work of organizations, churches and residents in the neighborhood who calmly and bravely maintain the integrity of community every day in West Central.

While events like this will continue to receive attention, the board of Project Hope Spokane would like to recognize the teachers, pastors, business owners, volunteers and residents of West Central who daily seek to create a positive future for the neighborhood.

Thom Caraway


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