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Abortion worse than protests

I must comment on the recent protest by pro-lifers.

If conducted by pro-abortionists, Spokanites wouldn’t have heard a word. Oh, let’s call it pro-choice so it doesn’t sound as bad. Get real and call it what it is: murder – of babies.

Bloomsday being a family event and those gory pictures exposed to children: They might realize that they too could have been a trash can full of body parts if their mommy exercised her choice. You’ll never see the pro-choice crowd showing the result of their choice.

Whether we agree on the abortion issue is irrelevant. We can agree on the right of Americans to express their opinion. Where better than at the largest public event held in Spokane?

I am pro-life, but Roe v. Wade is the law so I live with it. I was born out of wedlock during a time when abortion was illegal and out-of-wedlock birth was frowned upon. I am in awe of my mother, who chose to bear me despite the obstacles. More recently, my son chose to raise a child by himself rather than let the child’s mother abort. It was a challenge for him but he did it.

Quit whining about the protests. Let’s make it not only an exciting day for runners and walkers, let it be a day that screams “freedom!”

Richard Gallaher



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