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Constitution saves us

Today, we have a society geared toward more freebies and a government more than willing to give it to us – at a price. And the price is a larger, more intrusive government. The trend was already there, but no one wanted to stop it. And then came President Obama, arguably the very icon of a centralized government, and the fix was in.

The extent of the corruption within our government has become so pervasive that I doubt we will ever fix it. If politicians ever decide to amend the U.S. Constitution, we are finished. The Constitution is the charter for our legal existence as a democratic republic, governed under rule of law.

Once those fools in D.C. get their hands on the Constitution with the intent of modernizing it, we are done. There is no way that they could possibly even come close to possessing the wisdom of the founding founders. They may say they’re smarter, but truth be known they are idiots. They’ll only tailor whatever they write in order to fit their own personal agendas.

Heck, that’s all they do anyway, but at least we still have a nominal rule-of-law that (ostensibly) prevents them from outright thievery.

Karen Eberts



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