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One beast of a lineup

Four-day Sasquatch! Music Festival boasts man-of-the-moment Macklemore – and many more

In a culture that has a predominant lust for gold chains, sneakers worth killing for and overall bling, Macklemore seems to have single-handedly reversed the tide last year by taking on Air Jordan shoes and with his now-ubiquitous ode to secondhand shopping.

Macklemore, along with producer and Spokane native Ryan Lewis, followed up this year with “Can’t Hold Us,” another infectious, anthemic hit that is sure to hold pop culture in a headlock, having already been used in TV ads for Microsoft Outlook, ESPN and Miller drinks.

As Macklemore himself approaches commercial oversaturation, he continues to sound the horn for social responsibility, this time as the returning local headliner for the sold-out four-day Sasquatch! Music Festival.

Bringing his community consciousness with him to the Gorge Amphitheatre, Macklemore has partnered with Sasquatch and Goodwill to collect donations at the festival this year via vendor booths stationed along the main gate.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis highlight a top-shelf roster of big-name acts, hipster heroes and indie staples that helped this summer’s major festival season opener sell out almost instantaneously. 

Here are seven more Sasquatch acts to make you forget about how much you’re spending on gas and camping, much less concert tickets:

Primus 3-D – Les Claypool’s George Lucas-inspired quest to explore enhanced concertgoing provides the psychedelic visuals and Pink Floyd-level hallucinations without relying on psychoactive drugs. Like it or not, this show will have you seeing things.

Killer Mike – Stepping out of the shadows of Outkast, Killer Mike scored best-of nods from media outlets from hip-hop to hipster on the strength the controversial track “Reagan,” which takes a stand against government gangsterism. In a land of wannabe Ice Cubes, Killer Mike is a one-man NWA.

Postal Service – After a long hiatus, Postal Service is back to reclaim its crown from all the sugary dance pop-techno emulators. Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard and Dntl’s Jimmy Tamborello make electronic dance music digestible for the masses, a trend that Owl City owes his whole career to.

Death Grips – This experimental hip-hop band recalls a noncompromising, avant garde-er Living Colour. Melding all of the loudest parts of punk-rock, hip-hop and art-rock, this is as close to metal as hip-hop has been since the “Biohazard” soundtrack.

Andrew Bird – He might be one of the more understated, underrated and underestimated acts at Sasquatch, with his often quiet, pizzicato plucks and whistled musings, but Andrew Bird is known for a level of musicianship that is capable of filling the Gorge, and seemingly without effort.

Built to Spill – A pioneer of the Northwest indie guitar-rock sound, Built to Spill’s Doug Martsch is enjoying a sort of second life on the festival circuit, still riding the wave of Built to Spill’s 2009 critical favorite, “There Is No Enemy.”

Sigur Ros – Earlier this week they provided original music on “The Simpsons” as well as their own rendition of the theme song, and now Sigur Ros is coming to the Gorge. It will be a rare sighting indeed to have this Icelandic ambient-rock band performing at what is arguably one of the most pristine outdoor concert venues on the planet.