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Sports injury helped confirm St. Michael’s senior’s aspiration

Brittani Urann is a standout athlete and senior at St. Michael’s Academy.
Brittani Urann is a standout athlete and senior at St. Michael’s Academy.

Brittani Urann and her dad made a deal freshman year. She would get $60 if she made it to the state competition for cross country.

All eight of the Urann girls are gifted in sports and Brittani, the second youngest, is no exception. Urann did attend state that year, making her one of the first and the youngest girls from St. Michael’s Academy to do so. She used the money from her dad to buy a sweatshirt.

She also made it to state as a sophomore and junior. She was well on the way to state her senior year when an injury forced her to sit out.

The principal of St. Michael’s Academy, the Rev. Mother Mary Agnes, has known the Urann family since before Urann was born.

“That injury was so devastating to her, but what I was so impressed with was that she still went to regionals to cheer her friends. And that showed such selflessness on her part. There was no self pity,” she said.

The injury Urann’s senior year confirmed her idea of pursuing a career in physical therapy. The school’s valedictorian said she hopes to someday have a career at a therapy clinic, but she also hopes to be able to volunteer her time and help those who might not be able to afford a doctor.

The women of the Urann family are no strangers to overcoming adversity. “Her grandmother battled cancer. She lived 15 years longer than the doctors expected her to,” Agnes said.

Urann considers her mother and grandmother to be her role models. Urann said that both women “wanted to raise their kids strong.” Her parents are supportive of whatever Urann and her sisters do, she said. Her dad is especially supportive in sports. Urann can’t recall a game or a meet that her parents didn’t attend.

Urann is not shy in her passion for sports.

“Playing sports has taught me to set goals and to achieve them, and that sometimes you need other people’s help to achieve your goals,” she said referring to her teammates. “It teaches you how to trust people and gain their trust as well.”

However, Urann doesn’t restrict her activities at St. Michael’s to sports. “It’s like a second home; we’re here all the time,” she said.

Urann has been involved in several drama productions, including “The Sound of Music” and “The Wizard of Oz.” Last summer she was a camp counselor for the school. She is also sponsoring a blood drive at the school on June 6.

She has always strived to do her best and will continue to do so. It is part of the character instilled in her by family, sports and teachers at St. Michael’s, she said. Her advice for younger students is, “If you know that you gave it your all, you’ll never regret it. That’s the way to live without regrets, is to give it your all. No matter what it is. Stay focused.”

Asked about her hopes for Urann after she graduates, Agnes said, “I know whatever she does that she will succeed, I just hope she can be a shining example. I just hope she is a light to other people.”

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