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Fri., May 24, 2013, midnight

Unbecoming parade behavior

I was appalled at the number of adults who did not have the sense to stand when the color guard passed at the Junior Lilac Parade. They did not set a very good example for the youth around them. I was with my two disabled grandsons in wheelchairs who would give anything if they could stand at attention when the flag passes.

Also, the practice of throwing candy should be abolished. A lot of candy was thrown at their feet or at the curb, totally out of reach for someone in a wheelchair. It was rude and inconsiderate, plus it contributes to the street litter as well as being bad for the teeth.

The Junior Lilac Parade is fun for our young people and it was nice to see so many marching units attend from out of town. Good job, kids, and I hope it is here for a long time.

Phyllis Rollins


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