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Fri., May 24, 2013, midnight

Vote for Bill of Rights

In between the perennial Spokane stories of police misconduct and potholes, there is occasionally an issue that sharply illustrates the fact that our town is run by real estate developers and their lackeys.

This issue at hand is the Community Bill of Rights initiative, which would give neighborhoods a say in their development, protect our waterways and strengthen the hands of workers fighting for a decent wage. The laws would clearly be a good thing for the overwhelming number of Spokane residents. Yet the mayor’s office and The Spokesman-Review have mounted an increasingly hysterical series of attacks against these sensible measures. In the latest salvo, The Spokesman goes so far as to say that with this voter initiative “constitutional rights are put at risk.” The rabble must be controlled.

I will be voting for the Community Bill of Rights, and encourage everyone to do likewise. We will see if this town is controlled by its business interests or its people.

Larry Cebula


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