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Warped by competitiveness

It is dismaying to live in a society where a win-at-all-cost mentality is prevalent. Life should be more about being true to ourselves. Why do we create a society where winning corrupts? The lure of profits clouds the conscience to such a degree that we lose perspective.

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court backed Monsanto. While the underlying accusations were reasonable, greed, corruption and irony prevailed. While the court supported the plaintiff corporation, the defendant farmer was attempting to profit from them, without paying.

Why have we generated such a competitive society that forces such actions?

Take Lance Armstrong. Winning became his addiction. He became consumed by triumph to the point that winning alone became his self-worth. Like a true addict, all Lance could do was to repetitively reach for his fix, by any means. Sadly, Lance’s insecurities defeated him.

A true winner ultimately has respect. I believe that all people are virtuous, but it’s their choice which path in life they pursue.

While society may sometimes challenge our integrity, it is now that we must dig deep to preserve it, for it is needed more than ever.

Marco Ammatelli



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