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Sun., May 26, 2013, midnight

Casino decision momentous

Local politicians, you now have the opportunity to decide what kind of society you want to have in this area. Do you want a casino-based economy that will flop in any economic downturn, creates many minimum wage jobs, can and will reserve jobs for Native Americans, which is fine as they supposedly are the owners?

In a few years, you can have a casino every three miles, none of them making enough profit for you to tax.

Or would you like to keep Spokane County’s largest employer that has many well-paying jobs and attracts many military retirees to the area? Add up the taxes you make from sales tax on the military payroll, and that casino may not seem like the gold mine you think it is. I know that they have a study that shows just what they want it to show, but then they did pay for it to be done.

Once the military closes that gate, it is a forever deal; it will not be back. So now it is time for you to decide just what kind of economy you wish to have and how you want your children and grandchildren to see the area.

Eugene Vanover


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