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Sun., May 26, 2013

Graphic images important

The continued outpouring of letters to the editor feigning outrage over the use of graphic images of abortion during Bloomsday continue to amuse me; ironic condemnation from those who would likely not bat an eye at their children watching movies in which people are shot at point-blank range but consider images of abortion too graphic for their children and an offense to their delicate sensibilities.

America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion and understands what it does to the unborn child. I wonder if those who claim to be so outraged by the pro-life protesters at Bloomsday would have objected to gay activists regaling their children with graphic images of gay life.

If you find images of abortion offensive, perhaps it’s time to question why you support it. Abortion is ugly and children of abortion supporters deserve to know why their parents considered it OK to kill them while they were waiting to be born.

Abortion has been legal for 40 years now and has claimed more than 57 million lives. Why is it not acceptable to say so at a public event? Why be offended at images of a legal, politically correct medical procedure?

Cheri Heath


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