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Obituary: Heesh, Mary Francis

HEESH, Mary Frances I don’t want to put the same old stuff people usually cram in these things. Mom suffered from Alzheimer’s and didn’t remember me when I saw her a week and a half ago. The last few years have been rough but her confusion is at an end. I won’t deify her. She was human, fraught with all the frailties and flaws that go along with it, but she always tried. She made it out to our swim meets, cheered my brother at football games even if he wasn’t on the field and generally encouraged us in whatever we did as long as it didn’t involve the potential for serious bodily harm. She had a fear of heights, was claustrophobic and would have rather have cut off her own arm than let an insect crawl on her. Above all else she loved all four of us kids even if we didn’t necessarily warrant it. I hope she knows now how much she is loved. An end of life celebration will be announced later this week. Wine, food, stories, laughter and tears will be mandatory. Goodbye Mom.


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