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That’s News to you answers

Here are the answers to this week’s newspaper version of That’s News to You.

1. D. Ricin, which is made from castor beans, was in the letters. It’s so toxic that some officers wore hazmat suits to conduct a search.

2. C. The Lilac Parade started in 1938 with one float. It hasn’t been a continuous run, however; parades stopped during World War II.

3. E. All said they oppose the amendments, and three voted to pursue court action that could get them removed from the ballot.

4. A. The Air Force chose McConnell AFB, which is near Wichita, Kan., as the preferred location for Main Operating Base 1. Fairchild was listed as a “reasonable alternative.”

5. E. The Mariners’ fortunes went into reverse and they lost four in Cleveland and two to Los Angeles.

Now that you’ve warmed up your news memory, why not try your hand at the online version of the quiz at newsquiz. As a newspaper reader, you’ve even got a head start because some of these questions are in the online quiz.

Top entries in the online quiz go into a weekly drawing for a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel. All entries this week go into a drawing for movie tickets.

Last week’s winners are Bill Word, of Renton, Wash., who won the Davenport gift card, and Marin Hatcher, of Spokane, who won movie tickets.

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