May 28, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Let the people decide


At the May 20 Spokane City Council meeting on the issue of putting two progressive initiatives on the November ballot, I was impressed to see that Councilman Mike Fagan held the principle of the people’s right to self-determination above the principle of wealth knows best.

I was also impressed that Tim Eyman came to Spokane to support that people-power principle as well. I was impressed with these men’s actions because, while neither man is in favor of the initiatives concerned, they still recognize that it should be up to the people to decide whether or not to make them law. What these men did speaks well of their integrity.

For my part, I believe that people don’t learn much by always doing what they are told by those with worldly power. Both as individuals and as groups, we learn by trying to make things better and then readjusting if those efforts don’t work out. So I am also in favor of letting the people decide, and if one or both of these initiatives become law, and they don’t bless the people of Spokane, I am confident the people can rally to adjust the law again.

Jeremy Street


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