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Fri., May 31, 2013

Jail pledge broken

This spring, the Spokane County commissioners took over management of the jail and Geiger corrections facility. Before the decision to do so was made, the commissioners made a public promise to the sheriff that, if they were given control, no demotions or salary cuts would occur. This pledge was reported in The Spokesman-Review, and was widely known.

Yet one of their first actions upon taking over management was to demote three police lieutenants to sergeant, resulting in huge salary cuts for the three, who now must scramble to rearrange their lives because this action was to take effect with less than a month’s notice. Complicating their ability to respond is the fact that their union representative was at the same time promoted and given a raise, giving him little incentive to help them in any way.

At the national level, we are outraged at even a hint of deceit, even if there is no proof that the deceit occurred. Where is the outrage at this local level when the lies are so blatant? Where are the editorials and the public scrutiny? Are we so trusting that we simply turn our heads away when lies happen right here in our own community?

Janet Newton

Spokane Valley

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