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Fri., Nov. 1, 2013

Accountability with Fullmer

In 2011, one candidate for Spokane School District board stood out to me so strongly that, for the first time, I volunteered for a political campaign. I had the pleasure of meeting Sally Fullmer – a mother, teacher and home-schooler – who recognized certain specific issues in Spokane’s schools that I had also experienced. From the strange way that math is taught, to the bafflingly low mathematical and literary skills of our graduating generation, to some very questionable and seemingly obstructive behaviors of our district administration, Sally and I had the same questions.

Sally understands the role of the school board is to hold the district accountable to the stakeholders: the taxpayers, parents and, especially, the children. She understands that current school board members often seem to have forgotten their role, that they’re not readily accessible to the public, and that the decisions they make too often seem to represent the district’s interests, not the children’s.

The people who’ve helped to create the problems in education will not be the ones who will solve them. It is time to make a change and regain our voice in Spokane Public Schools, and it can start on Nov. 5. Please vote for Sally Fullmer.

Breann Treffry


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