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Fri., Nov. 1, 2013, midnight

Expo ’74 memories loom large for many

When asked to present photo ID, Spokane’s Sheila Geraghty sometimes reaches into her wallet and hands over her Expo ’74 season pass, S-R columnist Paul Turner noted in The Slice. “Most people don’t think it is funny,” she said. And many youths have no idea what it is. But for Geraghty, who was 13 the summer the World’s Fair was in Spokane, the pass is a reminder of one of the happiest times of her life. Readers on our Facebook page responded to this memory with some of their own: Cindy


I loved Expo ’74… still have my season pass ID too! 



I never went, but I remember my aunt bought me an Expo ’74 T-shirt. I was 6 years old.



I have my mother’s and grandmother’s season pass, WHAT AN AMAZING SUMMER THAT WAS.



I still have mine too. Great memories.



I was 14…had a blast with my season pass to Expo 74… great memories. I loved the music performances every night!



I was 21, working at the Fair for the Washington Lung Association and living a block away what a blast! Wish I still had my pass!



Wow! I worked for EXPO 74 from 1972 through the end of the Fair in Public Relations. King Cole was the President of the Fair. My boss was Jack Geraghty, the PR/Media Director. What a wonderful experience! I promoted the World’s Fair through Washington, Idaho, Montana, and other NW States, British Columbia, and Alberta with slide shows and speeches of what to expect…and working with the Press. Pres. Richard Nixon officially opened the Fair. We had so many countries participate. And, we had so many talented performers appear. When it ended, President Gerald Ford, after Nixon’s Watergate Resignation, declared the Fair over, from the White House in D.C. The impact of the successful Fair continues to this day in Spokane!! Great Memories!!!



I Loved EXPO 74…that’s the year that Spokane became a beautiful city.


Matthews Scott

I wish I had saved my season pass to Expo 74. It was a wonderful experience to live there at that time. We went almost every weekend. 

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