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The Slice: It’s a small world, especially when you dress appropriately

Fri., Nov. 1, 2013

Spike and Janet Cunningham were in Athens, Greece, recently when three young strangers from Spokane cheerfully stopped them.

They had noticed Spike’s Bloomsday shirt.

Where in the world has something like that happened to you?

“Our song”: “My husband, Bob Quinn, and I had our first dance at our wedding reception at the Harvest Moon in Rockford, Wash., to Anne Murray’s ‘Could I Have This Dance?’ ” wrote Sue Quinn. “Each time we hear this song, we stop what we’re talking about and reminisce about our special day, May 1, 1992.”

Charlotte Yingst wrote, “My husband and I didn’t have a dance but the song ‘Always’ was sung at our wedding and when he lay on his deathbed, I held his hand and sang it to him. If he had lived one week longer we would have been married 57 years. What a wonderful life we had.”

For Ken and Kathleen Stout, “Happy Together” by The Turtles was the special dance song.

And then there was this from Dee Hunter. “The best slow dance song ever written was by Santo & Johnny, called ‘Sleep Walk,’ ” she wrote. “Whenever my husband, Jim, and I heard that song, we would drop what we were doing, head for the dining room and dance to ‘our song.’ Jim passed away very recently, but I know the next time I hear ‘Sleep Walk,’ I will go to the dining room to dance, with empty arms and tears in my eyes, but many sweet, sweet memories.”

Long-gone dogs we remember when accidentally dropping a scoop of ice cream on the kitchen floor: “It’s Harry, of course,” wrote Pat Killien. “Couldn’t even get the ice cream carton from the freezer to the kitchen counter before he was front and center, waiting for a dollop. He could have been sound asleep in the other room but there he was. I don’t drop any ice cream on the floor but I think of Harry a lot.”

Today’s Slice question: If your co-workers dump their leftover Halloween candy at your office today, will you ignore the mound o’ nougat or go on a high-fructose binge?

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