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Fri., Nov. 1, 2013

Who is ACA benefiting?

It’s wonderful that President Barack Obama wants to provide health care to every individual in the country, and in a perfect world I’m sure it would be as great as he makes it sound. It is a contradictory plan of itself, where its goals claim to be making health care affordable for everyone when in many ways it is being made more expensive.

If you are trying to solve a problem, solve it in every area that is affected for the desired outcome. If the reason that people don’t have insurance in the first place is because they can’t afford it, then what benefit is it going to provide to force each individual to purchase health care that in turn raises the costs for health care across the board?

What good does this do for those who had the mindset to think ahead and work hard enough to prepare their lives to be provided for with sufficient health care while those who did not do the same are being rewarded for their lack of forethought?

Congress must hear from those like me if you’re going to make a reform for our benefit, then benefit all of us.

Cassandra Miller


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