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Don’t be fooled by Prop 1

Now they want to assess property owners to relocate low-income residents living next to Fairchild Air Force Base. Why? First, for the safety of these residents; and, second, to protect Fairchild from closure.

Voters can’t (I hope) be that naive. It’s not about safety concerns. It is, however, about the plan to sell this land and rezone it to light-industrial, providing a better tax revenue base; and certainly no one can believe that a few million dollars to relocate nearby residents would influence federal decision-makers in Washington, D.C., when and if mission efficiency and possible closure is considered.

Yes, not having homes in the “accident zone” would be worth a few evaluation points, but potential closure of the base would be driven by severe budget cuts and the need to avoid millions in operational costs.

At least they’re not buying a racetrack this time. But the same flawed logic and lack of common sense still prevails. Another dump on the taxpayer! Please take a stand and vote no on Proposition 1.

Robert Cashen

Spokane Valley


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