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Don’t believe Big Chemical

Apparently, the editorial staff of The Spokesman-Review have bought into the claims of Big Chemical in regards to Initiative 522.

The rhetoric says the pro-labeling faction has a non-science leaning. The truth is that there have been few or no independent studies about genetically engineered because of the patent status of the seeds required for the studies. Studies by the chemical companies regarding their modified crops have had no peer review and are mostly unavailable to the public.

The genetic engineering industry still tells the story their crops will require less pesticides. In fact, these crops have caused a substantial increase in both herbicides and insecticides!

James Cook, in his Oct. 13 statement against I-522, says that plants can be made hypoallergenic. Could be, but this is just a hypothetical dream. The reality is some genetically engineered crops have links to allergies, according to some studies, unlike the non-modified versions.

The argument that the labeling will cost consumers more is overstated. The fact is that after we pass this initiative, many other states will follow suit and the labels will be the norm. That is why Big Chemical is spending big here to block this initiative. Given a choice, many of us will choose non-modified products.

Alden Sherrodd



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