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Retain Sen. Smith

Sen. John Smith was selected by the commissioners of the counties he represents to fill the vacancy left when Sen. Bob Morton retired. John went to Olympia and worked hard to represent the conservative values we believe in. His ability to work with all of the senators and House members of both parties led to spending most of the $2 billion in new state revenue on K-12 education funding, and stopping an increase in college tuition. Many wanted to raise taxes again, but John and others held the line on more spending and taxing.

Being a new senator is a real challenge, and Smith is wise enough to listen to former Sen. Morton and others who have walked the walk. The first lesson is that you are one of 50 senators, not the man in charge, and cooperation and compromise is a necessity without giving up your goals. John is a strong supporter of gun rights and is endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

Evaluate Smith by his actions in office, and not the accusations made about his grandfather or other mud-slinging.

I ask your support of John Smith.

Larry Beardslee



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