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Stimulate economy, vote no

Let’s get this straight. Someone starts a rumor that the U.S. Air Force might leave if we don’t buy up some private property. Sounds like a sports franchise that is threatening to leave if a city doesn’t give them the stadium they want.

It’s amazing how The Spokesman-Review editorial staff (Oct. 13) and the proponents of Proposition 1 make it sound like we will be better off if we give more of our hard-earned dollars to Spokane County to confiscate more private land. With all levels of government already taking more than 50 percent of our disposable income, why should we vote to give them more? We would be better off if we keep our tax dollars and spend them on our own families.

Why let someone else stimulate the economy with your tax dollars? Stimulate the economy yourself by voting no on Prop. 1.

Steve Dunham



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