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The Slice: No comparison was worthy unless it involved Marcia Brady

A friend mentioned trying to discourage his young son from referring to certain grade-school girls as “hot.”

That prompted me to try to recall what words were used when I was in grade school in the 1960s. Beguiling? Fetchingly insouciant? Arresting? Captivating?

Does anyone remember?

Today’s good deed: “I was walking my two goldens when a large dog charged us,” wrote Barb Johnson of Spokane Valley. “It appeared that a fight was about to start and I was more than a little scared as I was trying to separate the dogs.”

Suddenly a passing car stopped. The driver sprang forth and yelled at the aggressor canine. “He sounded tougher than I did,” said Johnson.

Responding to the human barking, the dog that had instigated the trouble ran off.

Johnson asked the man if that was his pet. “No,” he said. “I don’t like to see dogs fight.”

He got back in his car and drove off.

Slice answer: “Whenever I drop ice cream I think of our beloved Dalmatian, Charlie Hot Dog,” wrote Lee Kershner. “He would be on the treat before it hit the floor. Although I know our vet cringed at the thought, I would even give him a small scoop of Blue Bunny now and then. He has been gone now four years but I always smile when I think of his delight at getting ice cream.”

A sampling of Slice readers’ “usual”: Peanut Butter Chocolate ice cream at Baskin Robbins. – Karen Botker

The Kitchen Special at Pau Pau’s. – Bill Kaufman

Okanogan Highlander Scottish Ale at Northern Ales. – Mack Stanhope

Traditional Reuben at The Elk. – Conrad March

Half order of sausage gravy on crispy hash browns at The Blanchard Inn. – Carol Stobie

Two eggs, chicken fried steak with gravy, hash browns, wheat toast and coffee at Rosauers. – David J. Evans

Gold margaritas at Puerto Vallarta. – Christy and Paul Dungan

Medium soft ice cream cone at Dairy Queen. – Shirley Ward

Shot of tequila with cinnamon and a slice of orange at the White Bird Tavern. – Terri Charbonneau

Today’s Slice question: Do you know how to answer if asked “Do you feel this vehicle is safe for highway travel?”

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