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Sun., Nov. 3, 2013, midnight

Admiration for candidates

Thank you for printing the Oct. 24 letter to the editor of Abigail Smith endorsing her father, Sen. John Smith, for re-election in the 7th Legislative District. What a fine tribute to both father and daughter.

We have some fine candidates running for election and re-election this time. They are not supported by union money, special-interest groups or money from out of state, but by solid individuals who do what they can to make Eastern Washington better.

May I recommend candidates Michael Cannon and John Ahern for Spokane City Council, Rod Higgins and Ed Pace for Spokane Valley City Council, and Sally Fullmer for District 81 School Board, and the re-election of Sen. John Smith in the 7th District.

I admire these candidates throwing their hat in the ring, sacrificing their time and energy for the noble calling of serving the public. They don’t brag about their accomplishments but diligently serve their neighbors. We need these people of character. Please vote.

Donna Kuhn


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